This agency is derived from Central Government and is responsible for ensuring that all food produce is processed and despatched in accordance to the Government legislation via an independent HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) Plan constructed by the operator. Our Licence Number (UK FC 018) reflects the hard work we have invested into the business from the first day, every day.

Our Factory

Our factory is based on cleanliness and hygiene whilst maintaining all records that support our day-to-day operations. All members of staff are trained to handle meat products in accordance to our HACCP plan in order to sustain optimum food safety at all times. We have elected members of the management team to monitor individual performances so you can be comforted that the produce is handled in the strictest manner

Food you can trust

Our fundamental mission is food you can trust. By this, we mean that people can trust that the food they buy and eat is safe and what it says it is